Our Mantra

What Drives us

We are driven to provide you with the best quality food possible, with some food producers, price drives the qualtiy of the product, we do not agree with this, we use all locally sourced produce from reputable food suppliers, with most of our raw ingredients having also been farmed in the southwest, the end result being an exceptional quality eating experience. We value your feedback, if you would like to let us know about anything, please click here to give us your feedback. 

DCFA (feeding the vulnerable)

All of our unsold items within their use by date, slightly burnt items and any other items that cannot be sold but are still fit for human consumption, get frozen down within their use by date and collected by the Devon and Cornwall Food Association, from where they are distributed to the vulnerable within our community. We feel that to waste good food that could be used to help people who would otherwise not be able to eat, is unforgivable.

Zero to landfill

We operate a 'Zero to Landfill' waste policy with the help of our refuse collector, Devon Contract Waste. All of our non-organic waste is put into a recycle bin, which, once collected, gets sorted into plastics, glass, etc. by a huge sorting machine, before being recycled for use again. All of our organic waste is collected separately and fed into an anaerobic digester, to produce power. We feel that looking after the environment is the key to a more sustainable future.