If you are a business interested in selling our products, we provide daily deliveries, Monday to Saturday, to Plymouth, the South Hams, Dartmoor and further afield. Our Sales Manager, Jim Shaylor would be happy to come out and see you with a product list, as below and more, and discuss prices with you. If you would like to arrange a meeting with Jim, please call on 07504 986277, email hingstons.sales@mail.com or use our wholesale form. We look forward to doing business with you soon.

  • Large Steak Pasty

    Our chunky steak pasty filling in a large shortcrust pastry base. A meal fit for even the heartiest eater.

  • Medium Steak Pasty

    Our chunky steak pasty filling hand-crimped into our shortcrust pastry. Don't be fooled by the name, we are known for the size of our pasties.

  • Small Steak Pasty

    Our delicious chunky steak filling, hand-crimped into our shortcrust pastry to make a delicous light lunch. These are still deceptively big.

  • Puff Pastry ("Flakey") Steak Pasty

    Our exceptional chunky steak pasty filling, hand-crimped into a puff pastry pasty.

  • Cheese & Onion Pasty

    Our cheese & onion pasties are a delicious alternative to our beef pasties.

  • Puff Pastry ("Flakey") Cheese & Onion

    Our delicious cheese & onion filling, hand-crimped into a puff pastry pasty. (V)

  • Cheese & Bacon Pasty

    Our cheese & bacon pasties are just that, with a helping of onion to bring the taste to another level.

  • Steak Pies

    Tender chunks of steak, cooked in our delicious gravy and hand formed into one of our most popular, meaty pies.

  • Steak & Kidney Pie

    A meaty pie with tender chunks of steak and kidney, cooked in our delicious gravy. A stunning, meaty pie.

  • Steak & Ale Pie

    Tender chunks of steak cooked in our delicious ale infused gravy. A truly exceptional, meaty pie.

  • Steak & Stilton Pie

    Tender chunks of steak cooked in our delicious gravy, with the perfect amount of stilton cheese. An exceptional, metay pie with a hint of stilton.

  • Bacon & Egg Pie

    Quality bacon, minced and pressed into our shortcrust pastry pie base, with a locally sourced egg and a pastry lid. Delicious hot or cold.

  • Chicken Pies

    Filled with succulent chicken in a thick chicken gravy in our shortcrust pastry.

  • Cheese, Bacon & Onion Quiche

    A delicious quiche made with quality bacon, locally sourced onion and mature cheddar cheese, creating a truly delicious quiche.

  • Scotch Eggs

    Our exceptional sausage meat mix wrapped around a locally sourced egg, rolled in golden breadcrumbs and deep fried. An exceptional scotch egg.

  • Curried Scotch Egg

    Our delicious sausage meat with an added hint of madras curry spices, a more than exceptional scotch egg.

  • Bacon Tomato and Cheese Twists

    Quality bacon, fresh tomatoes and mature cheddar cheese.

  • Sausage Rolls

    Delicious sausage meat wrapped in puff pastry to form a traditional jumbo sausage roll.

  • Meat Patties

    A mince meat patty slow cooked in our delicious gravy and pressed between two rounds of puff pastry, a delicious snack.